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A facility’s fire sprinkler system is just a mechanical device with numerous parts. Just like all other mechanical devices, a functional sprinkler system ensures the safety of a building’s occupants and hardly gets noticed. What most property owners don’t know is that they need a regular fire sprinkler system and services are subject to periodic adjustments, breakdowns or damage. This is where the expertise of our technicians comes in. These skilled individuals can handle all aspects of fire suppression systems in Toronto. They can install, inspect, perform regular maintenance, and handle repairs and replacements when necessary.

Note that insurance companies and the fire department dictate regular inspections that are comprehensive enough to reveal deficiencies including low pressure, leaks, or even faulty wiring in the fire suppression system. These faults must be addressed in time to ensure optimal fire safety to your employees, and everyone entering your property.

Lumar Fire Protection Inc. is among the most reputable firms offering maintenance services for fire suppression systems. We take pride in our teams of skilled and experienced technicians who can handle leaking sprinkler heads, discharged fire extinguishers, malfunctioning alarm signals, and low air pressure or water pressure supervisory signal. You can rely on us to keep your fire protection system functional.

How does a Fire Sprinkler System Operate

Your fire sprinkler system is a mechanical device with many different parts. Like any mechanical device, when operating properly it is hardly noticed. It protects the safety of a building and its occupants quietly with little required maintenance. Unfortunately, like any mechanical device it is subject to periodic adjustment, damage or breakdown. Furthermore fire departments and insurance companies dictate inspections that may reveal deficiencies such as leaks, low pressure or faulty wiring which must be addressed and corrected immediately to ensure your fire protection system’s proper function in a fire condition.


Lumar Fire Protecting your Property

Such situations may include:

  • A leaking head.
  • A discharged fire extinguisher.
  • A low water or air pressure supervisory signal.
  • An alarm signal going off.

These situations could put your life and property at risk. Lumar Fire Protection Inc. can provide quick and reliable service for any situation.

Emergency Situations

If a sprinkler head has gone off, or a pipe has been accidentally hit, your fire alarm system will react to the water flow by activating your alarm system. This can be an extremely stressful situation. Water is flowing, alarm bells are sounding all over your facility, your monitoring station is calling you, and you are likely hearing the sirens of the fire department getting louder and louder.

Lumar Fire Protection Inc’s technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to any emergency and get your fire sprinkler system back in proper working order.


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