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The past ten decades have experienced tremendous growth in the warehousing and self-storage business. Many existing storage facilities changed ownership and probably have been converted into public warehouses. National chains have established locations in Canada, Australia, United States, and other countries. These facilities require substantial financial investments, and as such, fire management and prevention is always a priority. Simply put, fire prevention is a necessity in the warehousing and logistics sector and must play an integral role in the storage facilities and logistics centres right from the planning phase. Lumar Fire Protection Inc. is a reputable company providing fire protection for warehouses and storage facilities, learning institutions, sports facilities, hotels, and other facilities.

Many instances of storage facility fires are associated with sparks emitted from overloaded electrical components including high-back racking units and drive motors. Technical defects also represent a common fire hazard. Additionally, the specific conditions in storage facilities increase the risk of fires and the probability of that fire spreading quickly. For example, high bay systems, flammable packaging materials, narrow alleys, a large number of goods tucked in a tight space, and long conveyor belts are all conducive to the fast and easy spread of fire within a warehouse. Note that fire protection and prevention is critical when handling hazardous materials or small load carriers. No matter the size and complexity of your storage facility or the nature of the goods you handle, you can count on Lumar Fire Protection Inc. for optimal fire protection for warehouse and storage facilities.

Minimize the risk of fire in your warehouse

Lumar Fire Protection Inc. takes pride in its teams of highly skilled and experienced fire protection and prevention experts. We have operators of warehouses and storage facilities who can create innovative fire protection and preventive systems to boost the overall operational safety. These systems can also protect your employees, items stored in your warehouse, and more.

Based on the size and complexity of your warehouse, we will design fire management and prevention strategies for your warehouse. Our experts will also consider the nature of the goods handled in the facilities and other daily operations. For example, some items might not allow the use of a sprinkler system. Often, we use the oxygen reduction approach in a defined protected area to preventively inhibit fires, whether electrical or not, from developing and spreading. Unlike other fire management strategies, oxygen reduction prevents a fire from starting.


Planning fire protection for storage facilities

Regardless of whether a storage facility is a new structure, expansion construction or a building conversion, planning a storage facility requires taking into consideration various fire protection- related regulations and other legal guidelines. These governmental requirements are often seen as minimum conditions, but they only cover a limited level of fire protection goals. Therefore, you need an expert in fire protection and prevention to plan your storage facility successfully.

Fortunately, the experts at Lumar Fire Protection Inc. have got you covered. Contact us, and you will never get disappointed when it comes to fire protection services.


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