Fire Protection for Sports Facilities

Sports arenas are more than just a playing field and seats; they’re highly completed structures that host thousands of fans and generate millions of dollars annually. That means life safety, mass notification, and fire are some of the topics of high importance to the facilities’ fire protection engineers. This is where the services of Lumar Fire Protection Inc. come in. We offer fire protection for sports facilities, entertainment arenas, learning institutions, and more. Our fire safety involves a broad range of disciplines such as fire detection, alarming evacuation, fire extinguishing, and the related danger management. While these are complex disciplines, our knowledgeable experts in fire management, extinguishing, and management always find a way to successfully and carefully gear these concepts and the relevant pieces of equipment towards each other to ensure highly efficient fire protection systems.

Custom Fire Protection Services

Different sports arenas are created differently in terms of size, structure, and complexity. For each sports facility, we focus on creating custom fire protection systems based on the arena’s needs. This way, we can guarantee fire safety for players, fans, workers, and anyone else who uses the sports facility. Note that Lumar Fire Protection Inc. offers outstanding services in accordance with the relevant regulations.


Cost-effective solutions

Meeting the specific fire protection requirements of a sports facility is different from what’s required for an educational facility or commercial spaces. For instance, sports arenas require highly sophisticated fire alarm systems while in data centers, you must prevent instances of fire damage to the server equipment. Given the diversity of fire protection and management needs across different sectors, Lumar Fire Protection Inc. focuses on designing specific systems that can effectively handle the requirements of a given facility while keeping costs at a minimum evel. Therefore, our customers don’t have to spend every penny they own to afford our services. At Lumar Fire Protection Inc., we install efficient smoke detectors and other pieces of equipment to fortify your property’s protection against fire. Our fire management systems aim at minimizing all forms of damages in case of fire in a sports facility. We understand that timely fire detection is essential, and our technicians will always work towards ensuring the entire sports space is safe for everyone.

Fire Prevention Services

We are living in an era where sports are becoming an integral part of society and attracting millions of fans. Ensuring life safety ad continuity of these activities is just as essential to be able to react appropriately to the changing sporting activities. Therefore, thinking ahead and setting up the right fire protection and prevention systems is essential. For decades, Lumar Fire Protection Inc. has been one of the top companies providing outstanding fire protection for sports facilities and even entertainment arenas. Generally, compromising on fire safety simply implies compromising on other people’s lives. This is the primary reason fire protection should always be a priority for any sports facility. Lumar Fire Protection Inc. has always been a smart choice when it comes to fire protection for sports facilities, hotels, commercial buildings, and more.


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