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Often, ornate and exotic architectural design and features define the hotel or resort you own, just as the ability to work with sophisticated structures defines Lumar Fire Protection Inc. Our reputation as the most reliable fire equipment installation and fire management experts speaks for itself. We have decades of experience in installing fire management equipment and systems in casinos, hotels, resorts, their connected mall sections, unusually demanding stages, and other entertainment arenas.

All fire protection team members at Lumar Fire Protection Inc. are highly experienced, competent, and always handle each project professionally. While giant hotels, resorts, and other elaborate properties are associated with incredible difficulties when it comes to fire protection system design, logistics, and equipment installations, our project managers and technicians still excel in these areas. Therefore, if you ever need fire protection for hotels &resorts or any other property, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Keep your business safe

Whether you own or manage a simple guest-house or a giant multi-story hotel complex, your guests need to enjoy their stay in your property. This includes not only first-class client service but also exceptional safety systems. Your hotel or resort occupants expect that they will be warned in time in case of any real danger like fire and that they will be safely put out of the harm’s way in time.

No one wants to have their stay in a hotel disrupted by annoying false fire alarms. Lumar Fire Protection Inc. offers you an opportunity to get an advanced fire protection system installed and managed. This will ensure your hospitality business continuity and enviable reputation as the safest resort.

It’s an investment to your business’s future

A recent report indicated that hotel and resort fires present a significant risk to anyone’s safety and the business’s continuity. These incidents compromise the guests’ comfort and in worst cases, can result in deaths. Additionally, hotel fires result in substantial financial losses and widespread damage to the business’s reputation.

At Lumar Fire Protection Inc., we carefully consider a facility’s needs when designing fire protection systems for hotels and resorts. Thus, our technicians install more than just emergency safeguard; they also set up an effective fire protection strategy that can ensure the success of your hotel. Remember, our goal is to protect properties and their occupants as effectively as possible and eliminate all instances of operation interruptions and loss of clients due to safety issues.



For large hotels and resorts, particularly those whose security systems like CCTVs are installed, a centralized monitoring strategy can fulfill different needs including optimized handling of emergency events, regular management of the individual elements, scheduled maintenance, and statistical analysis. What most people don’t know is that integrating these systems with a fire protection system or any other danger management system can improve safety via a centralized operation and the outstanding interplay between the integrated safety systems and all the security alarms.

While this might sound a little bit complicated, you can count on Lumar Fire Protection Inc. for the most reliable and cost-effective fire protection for hotels and resorts.


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