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Learning institutions bear significant responsibility for a large of young people each day, guiding their way into academic and adult life. Having robust safety strategies and systems in place is a fundamental requirement for all schools, universities, and other educational facilities. From kindergartens and small private schools to universities and other large learning institutions, Lumar Fire Protection Inc. offers comprehensive fire protection for institutional and educational facilities. The goal is to address all needs independently regardless of complexity and size.


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Educational facility structures are naturally heterogeneous. In addition to the age and background diversity of the leaners, there is also a variety of learning environments, which extend from standard classrooms to complex buildings such laboratories or even city districts. Learning institutions are also home to an increasing number of high-value assets such as IT structures, irreplaceable documents, and even high-end tech-scientific pieces of equipment.

In these sophisticated environments, the single most significant threat is fire. While the rate of fires in universities and other learning institutions is substantially low, this shouldn’t lead to complacency because a single fire incident in these facilities could result in substantial loss of assets and life. Thus, minimizing the risk of fire-related incidents and the consequential damage costs must be a priority for every institutional or educational facility. This is where Lumar Fire Protection Inc. comes in. Our advanced services offer optimal fire protection for institutional and educational facilities.

Tailored solutions

Given the size and complexity of different learning institutions, we strongly believe that there’s no one solution that is appropriate for all educational facilities. Thus, a broad fire protection portfolio and experience are essential prerequisites for the creation of optimal fire protection and management solutions for all applications. Our technicians will consider all essential factors such as the size and complexity of your educational facility when creating a custom fire protection and management system for a specific facility.


Scalable systems

Generally, fulfilling the requirements of small and independent units and the ever-growing growing learning facilities needs scalable fire prevention and management systems. Lumar Fire Protection Inc. focuses on the provision of custom, yet scalable networks. Our experienced and highly professional technicians design network structures that offer ideal solutions across a broad spectrum, thanks to the cutting edge fire protection technology we have access to and high- performance cluster backbone networks.

Seamless response coordination

Integrating your educational facility’s fire protection system with our danger management systems facilitates a central monitoring and full control over daily operations. You can be sure of highly guided emergency handling procedures, and that means all incidents can be effectively responded to seamlessly. Other benefits of this advanced integration include remote systems access, scheduled maintenance support, and reliable performance monitoring.

In any learning environment, false fire alarms can result in confusion and other undesired consequences. Lumar Fire Protection Inc. promises efficient systems that prevent these false alarms and eliminate all disruptions associated with such incidents. You can rely on our services the most cost-effective fire protection for institutional and educational facilities.


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