Commercial & Industrial Facilties

Commercial and industrial facilities are the most prone to fire outbreaks in Canada. This is because most facilities do not employ the right measures to safeguard against fire. Ideally, to ensure fire protection for commercial & industrial facilities, you must observe the highest standards of safety precautions. This should involve hiring experts in the initial stages of constructing the facility.

A lot is involved in ensuring that commercial facilities such as power plants, refineries, and fuel storage facilities are safe from fire hazards. This article informs you of some safety precaution tips for industrial facilities.


1. Prohibit smoking

Smoking is a significant cause of fire outbreaks at industrial facilities. It is essential to discourage any smoking at the facility. You should educate your personnel about the dangers of smoking at the facility. Take measures to ensure those found smoking at the facility are dealt with to discourage the act.

2. Watch your pot

The leading cause of fire at commercial facilities, especially restaurants, is leaving cooking food unattended. Do not overheat cooking oil. In case flash flames occur while cooking, slide a cover over the pan. Avoid putting the pan on water because this can splash the flame to other regions and result in fire. Always ensure your cooking is attended to avoid unforeseen cases of fire outbreaks in the kitchen.


3. Have ready fire extinguishers installed

Ensuring fire protection for commercial & industrial facilities involves a lot. Installing fire extinguishers at the commercial facility is an ideal way of preventing fire outbreaks. The fire extinguishers can be installed somewhere everyone can access them. Dry chemicals are preferable fire extinguishers for industrial facilities because of their effectiveness.

4. Install a fire alarm system

Ideally, every commercial and industrial facility should have a fire alarm system installed in a strategic position. Having the fire response alarm in place alerts those at the facility in case of a fire outbreak, thus reducing damages. A fire alarm system can also prevent the fire from spreading to other parts of the facility.


5. Educating personnel

Apart from ensuring the facility is free from fire outbreaks, every staff at the facility should have the skills on how to prevent fire outbreaks. In case the facility has incidents of fire accidents, it is essential to investigate the cause of the incidents and take the right measures to prevent future occurrences. The staff at an industrial facility should be trained on fire prevention and safety tips during a fire outbreak.

Fire outbreak at commercial and industrial facilities requires high-end equipment and technology to prevent. Fire protection for commercial & industrial facilities is only possible if property owners observe the building and construction codes at the initial stages of construction. Following the safety codes can keep the facilities away from fire hazards. It is essential to ensure the industrial and commercial facilities are free from fire outbreaks.  The property managers should hire experts to install the right equipment and advice on the right strategies to minimize fire incidents and occurrences at their facilities.


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